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What needs to be done

People need to be informed as to what is really going on with the United States Military. But to protect future victims the first thing that needs to happen is anyone, male or female, is informed of their chances of being sexually assaulted/raped joining the armed forces. If this government can put a warning label on tobacco, which at this point everyone should know causes cancer, they should be informing people they have over a 1 in 3 chance of being raped or sexually assaulted if joining the armed forces. And women everywhere should be made aware that they are dating men that have a higher percentage of raping them. We are misled to believe all of these guys are heroes. We donít realize a lot of them have criminal records before they are let into the military. The Marines have the worst numbers by far.

Recruiters should not be allowed to talk to students without an advocate there to explain things. There are lots of stories out there about recruiters raping potential recruits. There are stories across the country about Marine recruiters doing this. (Check out links page)

Recruiters should not be allowed in schools or allowed to talk to anyone under 18 without an advocate present. One girl, whose sister was raped in the Marines, and died, asked a Marine recruiter what happens to her if sheís raped. The recruiter wouldnít answer her and also had the school stop her from talking to them.

What do these guys have to hide?

The numbers are there, they have admitted all the way up the chain of command this is a massive epidemic in the military, especially the Marines. The Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus gave a speech saying that with the numbers they are aware of at least 3 people in the military are raped a day! And these are by the same guys who are supposed to be protecting us? And these numbers arenít accounting for the rapes and sexual assaults that arenít reported by the victims or that the commands refuse to report like in our friendís case.

The Pentagon doesnít want America or the world knowing how horrifying and dangerous our armed forces are, and most Americanís wonít want to believe it. But for those of us who have witnessed it firsthand this needs to stop!

So first they have to acknowledge to all women and men that they have a very good chance of being raped or sexually assaulted by the military. Those under the age of 18, who arenít allowed to buy lottery tickets or get into rated R movies should have someone with them providing them with the information of how they could be violated. And anyone wishing to join the armed forces should have to go through a class telling them how bad this epidemic is.

The second thing that needs to happen is that the Pentagon needs to reopen all sexual assault cases and open new cases for those whose rapes were never reported. You will either find there were certain units or men that hid these rapes and need to be brought to justice or you will find the problem was much worse than we think. The military has the ability to call back anyone who served at anytime. So the commanders living off of tax money in retirement, who ignored or committed these rapes, should be on trail and their benefits taken away if they are found guilty. It needs to start somewhere!

More than likely there will be a lot of men who were the main offenders. And thatís one of the scariest things about this, not one commander or rapist has been brought forward with all of the media attention and acknowledgement that this was a problem. This country has chastised Joe Paterno for actually reporting an assault. Why isnít anyone doing anything about the men who did this for years? The Department of Defense just needs to ask victims to come forward and give names, why havenít they done that?

The problem is with everything you read no one has ever been held accountable. There isnít one story where they went out and went after anyone after the fact. So many women have come forward, and some men, and are willing to share their stories. Some from decades ago but they are still living with the pain.

Justice needs to be served. The FBI needs to get involved, an agency with no military connections. There have been endless cases out of Camp Pendleton in the media. Our friend has solid evidence of them ignoring her rape and her rapist, and the man that ignored it, but no one has been punished. They actually promoted and rewarded her rapist. As she has always said she wasnít the first woman to talk to this Sgt. Maj. and be ignored, he knew what to say and never documented the rape at all. And at that point according to the Marines these men would have been highly trained to know how to handle a sexual assault/rape. If this guy claims stupid then how scary is it he has made it to Sgt. Maj.?

Something needs to be done. This isnít just about our friend, itís about the men and women who have been raped and assaulted and will be raped and assaulted unless something is done!