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Mental Unstable Marines allowed to Serve

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Mental Unstable Marines allowed to Serve

The Marine that raped our friend wasnít fit to serve and was allowed to deploy twice, the second time after there was evidence he had been suicidal and taking drugs again.  The fact of the matter is he committed fraudulent enlistment to get in, had a drug conviction and background, which most old school Marines donít believe. (click here)

He was able to stop her from going to the police after the rape initially because he had screamed he was suicidal before joining.  His exact words were ďIt was kill myself or join the Marines.Ē And if the Marines didnít want to believe her, he admitted it again in a message she provided to them, sent after she made her original contact with Camp Pendleton with concerns about his mental behavior.  He clearly states in the message that he was sad before joining the Marines and thought about killing himself.

Taken from facebook message:
ďi said there was a point BEFORE i joined the marines when i was sad and thought about killing myself.Ē

 He told her after the assault he didnít remember saying this or what he had done, then admitted it in message along with several other things he would later lie about as well, all violations of the UCMJ.  But this is clearly fraudulent enlistment.  Unless the Marines gave him two waivers; one for a criminal record with drugs, and one for being suicidal.  To get into MARSOC tryouts he would have also have had to answer questions regarding this.  Did he and his command make false statements?

If this were any other business or company or branch of the government they would all be held accountable. In the Marines lies seem to be not only acceptable, but common practice.  Whereís the honor in that?

When she told his Sgt. Maj. he had screamed this after the rape/sexual assault, he said nothing, he didnít even care. She was told later by a different Sgt. Maj., thatís what they tell them to do and she fell for it, that was her fault.  So the fact that she was concerned about a Marine killing himself was used against her regarding her rape, and they didnít care about the rape or his suicidal admissions.

But the fact this Marine admitted it in a message that she could provide, and they did nothing shows the Marines lack of concern with mental stability.   They also disregarded other evidence like his threats in text messages, his change in character, and his hostile and erratic behavior, again of which she provided evidence. 

His facebook page has stated for over two years that his political view is ďkilling bodies.Ē

Click Here to View his facebook page


This sexually assaulting, suicidal, threatening, drug using Marine from Ohio was allowed to go for a second deployment.  The Marines even let him try out for special ops/MARSOC.

This Marine was a cake decorator deep in debt when he joined the Marines.  They are so desperate for bodies that they recruited him a in a line at the store he was working at.  He told her he joined for the money and because he was suicidal but the Marines had lied to him to get him to join.

The fact is most people who have heavy drug usage and drinking have mental health issues and use these things to help them cope.  But why did he scream he was suicidal after he raped her?  We now know it was a tactic, and obviously so did the Marines or they would have reacted to his screaming this.  The Sgt. Maj. didnít react at all, he didnít even document it. 

An NCIS agent that told our friend he could see she was trying to figure out if he was mentally unstable or a criminal.  And thatís the question, was he mentally unstable and the Marines have ignored it, or is he a rapist?

And why donít the Marines Care?

But if these guys are the few and the proud why are they letting anyone in?   And then keeping them in after they rape women?

Other countries, along with all Americanís should think twice before trusting a U.S. Marine.  They are nothing more than mentally unstable criminals that protect one another and donít care what they do to the rest of society.

If this is who they are now their new slogan should be: