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SAPRO may have been one of the most detrimental parts of our friendís experience.  They definitely were no help and were a waste of time.  She dealt with SAPRO all the way up to the Pentagon and found she had more knowledge on the procedures of reporting a sexual assault than they did, but this was after months of her researching the matter.  She had been lied to so many times she looked into what was supposed to happen and learned military law and procedures.

The woman she talked to at the Pentagon was the most helpful, but she didnít know about a database that was supposed to be up for years. Our friend read about it on several sites.  This database is supposed to be used in the military to gather statistics and watch patterns.  How do you work for the Pentagon SAPRO and not know part of your procedures and what tools are supposed to be out there?

The head of SAPRO Marines was new to the position and knew pretty much nothing when the Pentagon had her call our friend.  She took days to get in touch with NCIS.  She was supposed to get advocacy information for our friend and didnít even know to get her a SAPRO advocate.  She also was supposed to get back with our friend, and that was over a year ago. 

The advocate our friend eventually got seemed to care at first then sent our friend emails that said things like we know your concerned about your rapist hurting other people but thatís a chance we take.  This was after our friend found out they werenít even going to start the case for another month. 

She also went to this advocate and asked her if she should go to the police as well.  The advocate looked into it and told her she had to go to them NCIS was stopping their investigation, and she would have to start all over and it was going to take another 3 or more months.

This information was incorrect and our friend had already talked to NCIS.  She told the advocate she was wrong and had given her bad information.

How did the advocate not know what to tell her regarding the police and why was she trying to stop her military investigation?  Better yet if what she had told her was true why didnít she tell her to go to the police in their first conversation.  Our friend is very thorough on her story and explains where it started and where it ended.

Our friend kept asking why no one was looking into the fact her rape was ignored.  SAPRO wasnít concerned.  Her advocate didnít find it odd that a day after she looked into a military protective order the Sgt. Maj. that ignored the rape handed our friends report to NCIS and said nothing.

Our friend had asked about talking to the Inspector General.  Her advocate emailed her a number claiming it was the IG.  However it was for a Sgt. Maj., who would never be an IG.

When friend tried to contact this number she emailed the advocate she didnít think this was the IG.  She was assured by her advocate it was and had been told she sent women to this person all the time and that NCIS worked hand and hand with them.  Her advocate wouldnít give her the mailing address when she asked for it, she just told our friend she would give them her info, then never did.

When our friend finally spoke with this Sgt. Maj. she found out he wasnít the IG and then he tried to lie to her and say there wasnít one on base.  She had to tell him she knew there was then he claimed he didnít have a number for them.  He also claimed he wanted to help her with how to present her information to the IG then started swearing at her out of nowhere, blamed her for dating a jackass then told her what her rapist did to her, without her saying a word, all the way to the breakdown he faked and told her that was her fault for falling for it.  He also told her they would never do anything, Good Luck.

When she emailed her advocate, the head of Pendleton SAPRO and the head of Marine SAPRO, none of them responded.  Since a SAPRO advocate told her to contact this guy claiming he was the IG, and that she sent other women to him, and after what he said, she felt they should know.  Again no response, until she sent a second email and the only one that answered was the advocate that sent her to him.  All she said was he doesnít handle sexual assaults.  It didnít bother any of them that he admitted to our friend her rape was premeditated and her Marine used a tactic to get her not to go to the police, or that he said nothing would be done, or that he belittled her.  And the fact is they sent her to this guy!

She has emails to back this all up.  Her advocate did absolutely nothing for our friend.  She didnít enter her information into the database until January 2011, and the rape happened in February 2010.  And this was over a month after our friend had started talking to her.  They are supposed to do it right away.

SAPRO is a danger to women who have been raped and sexually assaulted.  They do nothing to help the victims, and donít even know the protocol and procedures.