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Semper Fidelis wasnít meant to hide criminals and rapist!

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Old School Marines

To any old school Marines reading this out there, we respect what a lot of you have done for this country and do not categorize you with the Marines of today. But, you are the ones that say once a Marine always a Marine so these men that are criminals and rapist will forever be one of you unless you fight for your honor.

When most of you hear this Marine had criminal record for drugs and was let in you donít believe it. On this site, we provide you with the information to see it with your own eyes. And that could be overlooked, if this criminal had changed his ways, but he didnít, he actually took advantage of his situation. He used drugs while in the Marines, committed fraudulent enlistment to get in, stole from the Marines, made terroristic threats, and most importantly raped a woman!

So for the rest of his life he will be honored as a Marine, given benefits through the VA including a GI Bill, and will be looked at as a hero. Is that what the Marines are supposed to be about?

If you are forever a Marine we would hope that you will stand up for the honor of our friend and force the Marine Corps to do something. She dated this guy believing he was honorable because the Marines let him in. She took this to the Marines instead of the police worried that he was suffering from PTSD or had been raped himself on deployment. She believed the Marines would do the right, honorable, and most importantly legal thing.

Instead her rape was ignored and the Sgt.Maj. that told her they would do nothing then lied in statements that she can prove but the Marines of today would rather protect a rapist and a man that ignores them, than do the honorable thing.

Itís up to you. What do you want to be? She isnít the only victim. Look at Carri Goodwin who was raped by a fellow Marine, also at Camp Pendleton, that had raped other women in the Corps and nothing was done, he will also be let out a hero. There are endless stories on line about female Marines being raped by fellow Marines, and they kick the women out. There are men being raped as well.

No one is being held accountable! The Marine that raped our friend was never mentally stable to enlist in the first place and has now been taught a tactic to rape women and get away with it. Is that who the U.S. Marines are? Is this who you want to be?

When "The Invisible War" comes out and people around the world see what is going on, and you walk down the street wearing your hats, jackets and shirts that say Marines, or have the flags in your yard or stickers on your car, do you want people to think there goes a possible rapist and criminal?

Who they are letting in today and what the Marine Corps is doing is dishonoring years of service by lowering their standards to criminals and then giving them skills that will not protect people, but how to hurt them.

Please stand up for what is right and honorable and take your Marine Corps back!

Semper Fidelis wasnít meant to hide criminals and rapist!