The United States MARINE CORPS
Semper Fidelis wasnít meant to hide criminals and rapist!

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Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to get justice for our friend. The Marines, NCIS and the Department of Defense refuse to look at her evidence that shows how her rape was ignored by Camp Pendleton and the Pentagon. And how her case was mishandled and false statements were made by Marines, all to which she has evidence and proof.

You have to ask yourself why they refuse to look at evidence?

Why they have ignored so many articles of the UCMJ?

Why they wonít release the report to another Congressmanís office?

Why the Department of Defense wonít talk to our friend?

This is a well documented problem.

The only thing anyone can think is that they broke so many of their own laws if they admit to anything a lot of people will be in trouble. But that is no reason to let a rapist go unpunished.

We also want to see justice come to women and men who have been raped in and by the US Military.

This has to stop!

This is immoral, illegal, and unacceptable!