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Moral Waivers and the lack of Morals

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Moral Waivers and the lack of Morals

With the rise in moral waivers in the military, the number of sexual assaults has escalated as well.  The Marine Corps lets in more waivers than any other branch of the military.  So the few and proud has become the criminal and unlimited.  There seems to be nothing that can stop you from getting into the Marine Corps, and nothing you can do that will make them kick you out.  They let in those not good enough for the other branches of the armed forces, and who canít get hired in the general population.  Our former District Attorney told our friend that when a Marine was accused of raping a child the Marine Corps didnít want to let him out and release him to the authorities, they had to fight to get him out.  The Marines wanted to allow a child rapist to continue to serve.

Congressman Critz caseworker told our friend that as a recruiter for the Air Force he received more Marine coins for recruiting Marines.  Those who werenít good enough for the Air Force he would take to the Marines and they would enlist them with no problem.

Drug Waivers in the Marines are around 14,000 a year.  This article is several years old but numbers have shown the pattern has actually increased for the Marines.

They claim they are stricter thatís why they had more, but the Marine mentioned on this site and his publically available record (click here) show how he had much more than one time use.  They claim the waiver is for one time use, but this guy was caught with the paraphanalia and continued to smoke pot long after he was caught.  So he committed fraudulent enlistment regarding his drug usage and his suicidal thoughts.  And pot wasnít his only drug of choice.  He had admitted to the girl he raped that he had used Acid and many other drugs and that he and his family had all been big pot smokers, something his mother also admitted to her and thought it was funny her son got caught but had already smoked the pot when they caught him.  His brother was denied getting into the Air Force and Army for his drug usage.  She found out right before he deployed that he had started using again when he and another Marine tried to buy pot at Ocean Beach in front of her and another Marine.

When he got back from deployment his fellow Marines talked nonstop about how they couldnít wait to smoke pot on leave and were discussing how they would do it in time to beat the test when they got back and what they needed to do.  They also wanted to borrow her car to go by Spices, legal in California but illegal in the Marines because it is synthetic pot, which she didnít know.  They had also smoked spices in the car with her several times and had lied to her about what it was.  She reported this to the Marines and they didnít care.

We are also aware of a Marine that used to recruit out of Western Pennsylvania/West Virgina/Ohio that would actually teach his recruits how to pass the test to get into the Corps, and for future testing.  The Marine that raped our friend was recruited out of Robinson Township, PA.

One Sgt. Maj. told our friend that they canít fix these guys they are their parentís problem, but they donít let them out.  And the question is if they know they have problems why are they letting them in?  He also told her it was her fault for dating a jackass.  The problem was when she started dating him she assumed he had a clean background since the Marines let him in.  It wasnít until they had been dating a while that she found this out about his drug past and record, and he told her he wasnít using anymore.

Even Wal-Mart has standards!!!!!!!Why donít the Marines??????

The Marines have a history of fudging drug problems to get recruits.  But at this point the Marines are taking anyone.  They are taking non citizens, criminals, gang members; they donít care as long as they have bodies.  Then they train these criminals in domestic terrorism and lead people to believe they are good men since they are Marines.  But at this point Marine=Immoral=Druggie=Criminal!

The few, the proud have become the will take anyone; we are nothing more than criminals!

Over the years there have been articles about Marines throwing puppies over cliffs, urinating on dead bodies and unit showing Nazi symbols!

There are stories all over the country of Marines raping women and girls in the United States and around the world.  Marine Recruiters are raping high school girls.  One woman was raped in an airport.


They are raping their wives.  This article doesnít say that but the articles that did are gone, and they had more graphic details.

And in a lot of cases the military and especially the Marines are hiding the murders of rape victims.

Camp Pendleton seems to be one of the biggest problems, the same base that ignored our friendís rape.


The violence and hate for women that seems to surround the military is only escalating as they let in more and more men who have criminal backgrounds and drug problems, and they donít care, or do anything when they find out.  If anything the Marines have made it a safe haven for rapist.