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Military Rape compared to Penn State

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Military Rape compared to Penn State

In 2011 a scandal broke at Penn State.  The alleged sexual assault of young boys over several years by a former Penn State Assistant Coach hit the national media.

The late great Joe Paterno ended up being the fall guy for the scandal, and all because he did his job and reported the sexual assault.

Our question is what happened to the Sgt. Maj. that blatantly broke both military and federal law and ignored the rape of our friend?  Shouldn’t he be dishonorably discharged?  Isn’t he what he did much worse?

And what is going to happen to Congressman Mark Critz for ignoring how the rape and case were ignored, mishandled and impeded?  By his own admission!

Paterno was recommended for the Presidential Medal of Freedom by both Senator’s Pat Toomey and Bob Casey, who then rescinded their nomination.

Again Paterno actually turned the information over to the best of his ability and knowledge and was made to be the villain. 

What are the Sgt. Maj., the Pentagon, the Marines and Congressman Critz?

The problem with women being raped and sexually assaulted in the military and by our military has continued to escalate.  Critz sits on the Armed Forces Committee and Subcommittee for oversight and investigation.  Yet he did absolutely nothing but tell our friend the military mishandled this.  How many women will this Marine rape in the future and how many more Marines and other service members will rape women, men, and children, and get away with it because people like the Sgt. Maj., Pentagon, Marines and Critz turn a blind eye?  Where is their responsibility?

And where are their loyalties? Obviously not to women or citizens of the United States!

Penn State had nothing on this problem and the country was enraged!

What about those raped by the military?  Who is going to speak out for them?

This summer the movie the “The Invisible War” will be documenting rapes in the military that have gone ignored.  Hopefully this will start to shed some light.

But if this country was so mad at a man for doing what he was supposed to do, and then he was fired and stripped of his dignity, will this country hold these men accountable, including our friends rapist, or will people ignore her rape and the other victims of the military and Marines?