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How The Marines Hide The Truth

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How the Marines Hide the Truth

The Sgt. Maj. never reported the rape/sexual assault.  Our friend spoke with him on the phone for over an hour and a half two years ago.  He told her he was working out, didnít take notes and if she could email him what they talked about (she has the phone bill to prove this).  He also told her the Marines wouldnít and couldnít do anything.  She had reported many other violations of the UCMJ that went along with her rapist mental instability, but he didnít care.

The Sgt. Maj. of Romeo Battery 5/11 out of Camp Pendleton only had one phone conversation with our friend, and that was it.  She told us she didnít trust him and kept everything else in emails.  He never told her she could press charges, again he said they wouldnít do anything and that this Marines radar was down regarding her rape, which he just called aggression!

She found out over a year later that he made false official statements in a report regarding her rape.  He never mentioned the phone call.  He instead mentions only the letter he had her email him, then claims there were subsequent phone conversations after the email and that she wouldnít go into details about the sodomy attempts and rape/assault.  He also claimed she refused to press charges.  However if that were true she would have had to sign something according to military law.  She has the phone records to prove there was one phone conversation and also the emails to show that he clearly tells her the Marines arenít doing anything to her rapist.  Her rapist mother had posted online that our friend/his victim might be prosecuted, after she had called the Sgt. Maj. and reported the rape.  This facebook posting was a threat.  Our friend just asked the Sgt. Maj. what was going on.  The Sgt. Maj. never tells her she can press charges and continues to tell her they will do nothing (see bottom of page).

According to military law he should have called NCIS and documented the rape, and an investigation should have been started.

Instead her rapist was promoted and let into Special Ops/MARSOC training/tryouts. And this was after the Pentagon had even been informed by Congressman Critz office. (PENTAGON LETTER)  This means that he wasnít even disciplined in any way and also that it wasnít documented at all.  Neither was his drug usage, threats, larceny and other mentally unstable behavior.

Our friend was the first one to contact NCIS who confirmed that no one had ever reported her rape.

NCIS took almost four months from her first attempt to contact them, to talk to the rapist.  She didnít have a statement taken until two months after trying to contact them.  During this time the Sgt. Maj. who ignored her rape randomly hands her report, over eight months later to an NCIS agent.  NCIS didnít find this odd and filled him in on what was going on.  They waited over another month to talk to his friends.  This was two weeks before talking to the rapist, giving them time to let him know what is going on.  She was told they wanted to surprise him, that didnít happen. 

They give him two weeks to pull out of a polygraph test, which he does.

When they interviewed the Sgt. Maj. regarding how the case was reported.  He told them whatever he wanted and no one ever checked the facts, or with our friend to get her evidence.  As a matter of fact they kept telling her they didnít want anything she had.  She did send a document of evidence to NCIS, but no one seemed to care, and they never contacted her about anything.

The Marines made sure she didnít know they werenít doing anything until months after they deployed him a second time, making it harder for her to go to the police to press charges.

And regarding the police, the Sgt. Maj. claims he told her to go to them.  Not true, he minimized her rape calling it aggression, and told her the Marines would do nothing.  Congressman Critz office, full of military personal, talked her out of contacting them when she wanted to telling her this Marine had too many mental health issues and told her they would take care of this, which they didnít.  They knew she was concerned about his mental health at that point, not knowing yet he had premeditated the rape, and told her she would ruin him for life if he were put in a county jail with hardened criminals.  NCIS told her if she went to the police they would stop their investigation.  Since she was across the country she was concerned about starting all over.  The truth is NCIS should have been working with the police. They do it on other sexual assault cases.  But they told her they would stop everything.   At that point she didnít realize how sloppy they were going to be and how bad they would mishandle the case.

But the scariest thing is that the Judge Advocate at Camp Pendleton closed her case before NCIS officially started the investigation at Camp Pendleton.  They only wrote in her case that she chose to go to the police.  Since she never talked to them or told anyone she was going to do that, she did inquire as to what should be happening, but she never tells anyone this.  And if she had decided to go to the police, again military procedure would be to have her sign off on this releasing the Marines from their duty and obligation.

In two years not one thing was done as per military law or procedure.  Her rape was ignored, her case impeded and mishandled, and her evidence disregarded.

The Marines made sure that every step of the way the Marine that raped her got away with it and the command that ignored it, lied and no one questioned them.

At what point did the Marines become above the law?

How can the same men that protect the constitution not have to follow it?

The sad thing is this is happening in the Marines every day.  Except unlike our friend, who the Marines canít go after, they dishonorably discharge these women that come forward, especially at Camp Pendleton. 

Our friend canít be the first woman this Sgt. Maj. and command ignored.  And everyone acted like her case was the first one they handled.  The truth is the government needs to bring in an outside agency to investigate the Marines for this case and follow the trail of the others they have mishandled. 

These are the excerpts from the emails from the Sgt. Maj., also known as referred to as Marshmallow Head on this website.  Notice he never tells her about pressing charges or mentions that she can do anything or asks her to expand on what happened. The first one is right after she emailed him the report he asked her for since he didnít take notes.  The second is his response after she questions why her rapist mother is saying she might be prosecuted.  Look at the way he capitalizes NOT!



I got your email and letter and will review each of them later this week.  Thank you for taking the time to write them.

Thank you.

Semper Fidelis:

With matters of you being prosecuted, I have no what he might be saying or not saying.  I can tell you that we are NOT pursuing and legal actions against him or you.

Thank you.

Semper Fidelis:


Carrie Goodwin was a Marine raped at Camp Pendleton by another Marine who had raped other women there, and continues to get away with it.  He will soon be out and also be called a hero.  She was discharged not him, and she is one of many that has been the victim and the Marines, especially at Camp Pendleton.