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How The Marines Hate Woman

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How the Marines hate Women

Not only was our friend sexually assaulted and raped by a U.S. Marine, over a two year period she witnessed how the Marines taught him how to hate women.

After his first year in the Corps they were in Downtown San Diego, he was drunk and screamed out the car window at a group of women “bitches.”

When she asked what he was doing he told her that was what the Marines called women, “bitches.” 

He would tell her all the time they warned them women will cheat on them when they are deployed and were cheating on them all the time.  He was continuously told this.  His attitude toward women continued to become more demeaning after he came back from deployment, the rape was just the start.  One of his Marine friends had become aggressive and hostile with several women when they went out. 

Marines were constantly posting negative comments toward women and had all kinds of degrading names, and one Marine stated a pregnant Marine was a disgrace.

Here are some exchanges posted on a Marines facebook page who was in Romeo Battery 5/11and is friends with the Marine that raped our friend.

"nothing pisses me off more than a pregnant marine. they are a stain on my corps.                                                   Its not at all they are good for nothing. Not that they were good for something before... Well except for making sandwiches women should be bear foot, pregnant, and in the kitchen at all time. Unless they are blowing you!!! go go Mr. O the biggest baller on the planet lmao"


Girls that go to the base to meet guys are called “barracks rats.”

The fact that the Marine that raped her had been taught the tactic as to how to get away with it may be the most disturbing aspect of this story.  The U.S. Marine Corps are teaching Marines domestic terrorism and how to get away with it for life.

This was also a recent post on several Marine’s facebook pages from Romeo Battery 5/11.

Do we want a weak Marine Corps?




A local Marine that has been mentioned on another page regarding his teaching recruits how to pass drug test, is also one of the most anti-women men we know.  He constantly talks about how women are no good and has posted this on facebook as well.  He also takes great pride in sexual conquests where he is violent with women. 


Marines are supposed to be our protector’s, not who we fear.  As women we no longer look at them as hero’s but as a danger to everyone.  And what we have seen our friend go through shows us how Marine’s disrespect women and are a danger to us all.