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Drug Usage

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Drug Usage

On the page about moral waivers we discuss this Marines drug usage before and during his time as a Marine. 

However not only was he back to using pot he also admitted to her in a text message he was using steroids.  He wasn’t a big guy and was concerned about putting on weight.  He took supplements and protein all of the time.  Things not regulated by the federal government and illegal in professional sports.

But while on leave she received a text she has provided to the Marines where he clearly states he is taking steroids.

He also admits many times to excessive drinking, even as early as 9 A.M. The night of the assault he was drunk, she was not, and he forced Jack Daniels down her throat.

The fact the Marines ignored all of this doesn’t say much for their standards or morals.  In society this guy would have been fired, and with his drug conviction wouldn’t have got many jobs.  Now he is going to be thought of as a hero, not the unstable rapist he is.